Register now to exhibit during AAPD 2021 in The Hub! Please use the below link to register to exhibit. There are three different size booths and each size has different benefits as indicated by the below graph. AAPD 2021 will have an enhanced exhibitor experience you won’t want to miss out on. Register now to get started in The Hub and explore all the opportunities in Exhibitor Service Center.

Register here.

Exhibiting at AAPD 2021? Here is what to know before you “go”.

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The Hub Virtual Exhibit Hall Highlights

  • Click here for pricing tier packages to provide a variety of experiences, features, and upgrades
  • Enhanced chat feature: the ability to do one-on-one video calls and smart appointments based on matches
  • Full ownership of booth design; ability to control what you promote like videos or brochures
  • Dedicated Exhibitor Service area; get your questions answered at any time!
  • Virtual sales in your booth have never been easier, conduct them with one-click purchases
  • AAPD 2021 Program Books to be sent to each member that will include product and service discount information for exhibitors who have chosen that pricing tier