American Academy of Cariology Conference

Caries Prevention in a Modern World

Infants, Children, Adolescents & Special Health Care Needs Population

Wednesday, May 25, 2022
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Marriott Marquis San Diego, CA in conjunction with AAPD 2022
Please note, this is a separate conference and requires a separate registration

Description & Goals

The prevention and management of dental caries over the lifespan requires an understanding of the risk factors for developing dental caries and how these factors change over time. This conference comprises modern approaches to prevent caries, specifically but also not exclusively, in infants, children, adolescents and special health care needs population.

Consequently, conference topics will embrace different approaches to predict the risk of developing caries lesions in children. Challenges that patients with impairments and their caregivers face as well as the importance of integrating primary, mental, and oral health care and fostering collaborations among health professionals, scientists from different disciplines, and stakeholders will be discussed.

Dietary assessment and counselling for caries prevention and moreover drug-induced caries in children and its prevention and management will be emphasized. Conference key presentations will enlighten the available clinical evidence of silver diamine fluoride efficacy in preventing caries lesions. The question how newly available composites with bactericidal activity inhibit secondary caries as well as evidence from clinical trials of applying laser irradiation in caries prevention will be highlights of the conference.

Systems perspectives on caries prevention for children, and finally the state of currently available evidence on caries prevention in infants, children, adolescents and special needs population will round out the conference.