Claiming CE FAQ

Claiming CE FAQ

Depending on the type of session you have chosen to participate in, you will claim either Live or Digital CE. If you attend a session that is broadcasted at a specific time on the schedule, you will claim Live CE for that session. If you attend an On-Demand session (this session will say “On Demand” on the schedule, times are not set & you can view these at any time), you will claim On-demand CE for that session. Live CE must be claimed within The Hub platform. Digital CE will be claimed via the link below.

IMPORANT NOTE: the pop ups proved to be distracting during the sessions so we disabled them. If you saw them in previous sessions, you will no longer see them. We will be able to report out who is participating after the meeting concludes.

**Reminder that all times listed for live sessions in the schedule are in Central Time.

To Claim Live CE

  • At the initial broadcast which is at the time listed on The Hub schedule, this session is considered “live mediated CE.” The system will know if you’ve participated and will collect all of your sessions that we will email to you. You will have to complete the conference evaluation in order to receive credits on your certificate. Otherwise, it will be returned to you blank.
  • You will receive one email on Tuesday, June 1 with all of your live CE listed (this will not be sent after every session you evaluate)
  • If you do not take this session live and you’re viewing the re-broadcast, you will take the CE evaluation via the link that was sent on May 25 with the subject line “AAPD 2021- The Hub, Claim Your Digital CE” or accessed in Education Passport if this is being viewed after AAPD 2021 has concluded.

Three ways to access the live CE Session Evals

  • If logged in, click Here to Claim Live CE and Click on “Session Evals”
  • On the lobby page, click the glowing/white “Networking” on the left side
  • Hover over Lounge and select “Attendee Lounge”

To Claim On-Demand CE

  • Click here to access the survey site.
  • An email with password information is being sent daily but if you have not received, click on “forgot password” to access
  • You can take all of your competency quizzes and then gain access to your certificate.