Will The Hub be different than NashVirtual?
Yes and no. We adapted everything our attendees loved about NashVirtual into The Hub but there will be several enhancements. Interactions and networking will be much easier along with opportunities to connect directly with your peers or an exhibitor. You can collect information that you find important like handouts or giveways in your swag bag. You can even compete with your fellow attendees for points based on your platform engagements to win awesome prizes.

When will registration for virtual AAPD 2021 open?
The exact date is still being worked out, but look for it to open most likely in mid-February. Check back for updates!

Where can I see the list of speakers & sessions?
You can view the full schedule on our Itinerary Planner here. The final schedule is forthcoming based on speaker availablity.

How much CE can I earn?
Approximately 50+ hours! In an in-person year, you can only achieve up to 25 CE credits making The Hub a great value!

Will CE for virtual AAPD 2021 be considered live or digital?
Per the CERP standards, all CE from AAPD 2021 will be considered “live, electronically-mediated CE” if the CE is taken when it is live broadcasted. If you view the CE and take it at a later date, it is considered “self-instructional”

How do I claim CE in future years?
CE credits for electronically mediated and self-instructional activities will be issued at the time the learner completes the activity. So if the individual completes the activity in May 2022, then the verification of participation document will have that date on it and can be claimed for that year.

How do I know how many digital CE credits my state will accept?
In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of states have made changes to their CE requirements. Information on these changes are included in the ADA’s state licensure map, which can be accessed here.

Do we have to take those quizzes at the end of every session?
Yes. This is a policy set forth by CERP in order for AAPD to be able to award CE credits. The provider must use an evaluation mechanism that will allow participants to assess their achievement of personal objectives. Such mechanisms must be content-oriented and must provide feedback to participants so that they can assess their mastery of the material.

Zoom and other online platforms are free! Why is there a fee?
While some online meeting platforms are free, producing a virtual event at the size and magnitude of The Hub is a considerable undertaking and costs for the platform, production fees, staff and speakers have all been taken into consideration when developing the pricing structure. AAPD has created a number of packages at a variety of price points to suit every budget.

I was invited to receive an award at the conference. How will I receive this recognition?
Recognition of your achievement is important to the AAPD and the pediatric dental community. We will contact all award recipients and identify next steps in the coming weeks.

I am a sponsor or exhibiting company. To whom do I address questions?
Any sponsorship or exhibitor questions can be directed to Meetings, Exhibits and Sponsorship Manager, Colleen Bingle at cbingle@aapd.org.